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Pit Viper 275: Rotary blasthole drill rig - Large-range

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Rotary or DTH drilling up to 10 5/8” (270 mm) – Multi-pass
The PV-275 is designed for multi-pass drilling. With a 75,000 lb (34 tonnes) bit load capacity, the PV-275 can add unsurpassed productivity to your mining operations. The heavy duty and durable PV-275 features a 40 ft (12.2 m) tower and can drill a 37 ft (11.3 m) clean hole in a single pass, or multi-pass drill to a total depth of 195 ft (59.4 m) through a 4-rod carousel with 40 ft (12.2 m) rods.

Features & benefits

  • Patented high strength cable feed system with automatic cable tensioning and hydraulic double acting feed cylinders
  • The 40 ft (12.1 m) multi-pass tower provides a total depth capacity of 195 ft (59.4 m)
  • The “live tower” design enables the operator to raise and lower the tower with the rotary head at the top and the rods in place
  • Excellent serviceability and a maintenance friendly machine
  • Optional Rig Control System (RCS) provides a computerized control system platform, allowing automated drill functions as well as built-in safety interlocks
  • Optional Atlas Copco patented angle drilling package, allows the tower to be positioned up to a maximum of 20 degrees from the vertical

Technical description

Technical data

Technical Specifications
Product seriesLarge-range drilling rigs
Drilling methodRotary and DTH - Multi pass
Hole diameter6 23/32 - 10 5/8 inch
Hydraulic pulldown70000 lbf
Hydraulic pullback35000 lbf
Weight on bit75000 lb
Single pass depth37 ft
Maximum hole depth195 ft
Estimated weight185000 lb
Hole diameter6.75 - 10.62 inch

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